Friday, May 23, 2008

Vegetable Club Sandwich

Here is a simple club sandwich I made using Nupur's recipe from One Hot Stove.

Club Sandwiches are amazingly delicious sandwiches sold on almost any street corner of India! I still remember eating it frequently at a sandwich place close to home. Usually the sandwich came covered with loads of shredded cheese!! Somehow it never tasted the same when I tried making it at home.. maybe coz I was not that generous with cheese? ;)

When I used Nupur's recipe, it came very close to the real thing!! She has step-by-step recipe with pictures on her site. I am just repeating the recipe here for reference with small variations. Thanks a lot Nupur for an excellent recipe!

Green chutney (grind together 1 bunch coriander leaves with few mint leaves, 3-4 green chillis and some salt using as little water as possible. Add lime juice to taste)
3 bread slices with brown edges removed
Sliced vegetables (boiled potato, tomato, cucumber)
Shredded cheese
Softened butter
Chaat masala
Salt and Pepper

1. On the lowest slice, spread some butter and then chutney.
2. Layer the potato slices and sprinkle chaat masala on top.
3. Top it with second slice.
4. Spread chutney on the second slice and layer cucumber and tomato slices.
5. Sprinkle salt and pepper and then put the shredded cheese (as much as you want!)
6. Top this with buttered third slice.
7. Slice the Sandwich diagonally and you're done!

Serve with lettuce leaves and ketchup!

I am submitting this to Sandwich Mela being hosted by Anupama at Food-n-More . Thanks Anupama for hosting this event!! I am looking forward to the roundup!

Update: Also submitting this entry to Zlamushka's Tried and Tasted event for month of June which features Nupur's One Hot Stove


Nupur said...

That's my favorite sandwich ever. Thank you for trying the recipe.

Vandy said...

Yup its my favorite too! Thanks for visiting my blog, Nupur! You have some great recipes on your blog.. several are on my TODO! ;)

Hetal said...

Club sandwich looks delicious..will try it..

Vandy said...

Thanks Hetal! Let me know how it turns out :)

zlamushka said...

thanks a lot for participating. Older posts are more than welcome, it makes me feel like people are cooking from blogs because they want to and not because I asked them to...