Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rasgulla, Rasmalai & Tulips!

My hubby (G) loves Rasgullas and has been pretty spoilt having grown up on the K.C. Das Rasgullas in Bangalore which you get in those cute Matkas! In US (as well as here), all we got were the Haldiram canned Rasgullas. They were very dry and no fun. While Bengali recipes were floating around in the food blogosphere for RCI Bengal, I too tried my hands at making Rasgullas.

I used the recipe from Manjula's kitchen. She makes it look so simple in her video that I thought why not. But it ain't that simple! My Rasgulla's didn't quite turn out the way I expected. I followed the recipe to the T (so I am not going to repeat it here). But when I opened the cooker, I saw no balls, the paneer was all scattered out!!! Now there was no way I was gonna let all that effort go to waste.. So I scooped it out with a Tea Strainer, made the balls again and let it cool.. Then put some of the sugar syrup on top of it and put it in the fridge. What I got was a cross between Sandesh and Rasgulla and didn't taste bad! and most of them were gulped down by G in one single day :)
Not a pretty picture.. but still worth putting it here I think!

When I discussed my attempt at Rasgulla making with my mom, she said I should put some Maida in the paneer while making the dough.. I'll probably try that next time.. coz I did feel that the dough was not smooth enough and was little brittle... maybe I didn't rub it for long enough?

Anyways, I made Rasmalais after a few days.. but this time I used a shortcut and just got the Gits Rasmalai packet. I used to make these in US as well.. but some times they used to be hard in the center. So this time I let them boil in the water for 20 mins (double the time given in the recipe on the box). They came out real well! all fluffy and soft. Take a look!

The best Rasmalais I've had? Nah.... That award would go to (no not K.C. Das) but Vik's Chat Bhandar from Berkley!!! Yeah they were the best Rasmalais I've ever had. Sigh, how I miss California :(

But Rotterdam is not bad nowadays! The tulips are flowering and its getting sunnier! yay! here are some pictures I took today.. Thought I would share these even though they have nothing to do with my "culinary" adventures ;)

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