Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sabudana Vada

Even though I was born in Delhi, we moved to Pune when I was 9. So I basically grew up in Pune and with a taste for Maharashtrian food. Sabudana khichadi was my favorite snack-time meal besides pohe and upma. And when I was in mood for eating something fried, I would love to have Sabudana vada. I still remember, once I was unwell for quite some time and had to be on a diet of boiled vegetables and soup for days together. The first thing that I asked to eat once I was certified fit and fine was Sabudana vada!!

Somehow, I had never tried making the vadas at home before. I made sabudana khichadi a few times. But with the sabudana bought here, it became a gooey mess so much that G refused to eat more than a few spoonfuls of it. I had some leftover sabudana and didn't want to use it for another gooey khichadi. So I decided to made Sabudana vadas out of it.

I used the recipe from Adhi Potoba. So I am not posting it here again. I used only one potato though and added roasted cumin (coarsely ground) instead of plain cumin seeds. and the peanuts were coarsely ground too. Also I used my small non-stick frying pan for frying the vadas 2 at a time coz I was a bit afraid that they might stick! As suggested, I served these with sweetened yogurt. Now, G sure liked this version of sabudana!


Hetal said...

hey love sabudana wada,I always make it.would love to see u on my blog.

Adhi Potoba said...

They look crisp, golden and delicious. I wouldn't mind having those for lunch instead of my sad, soggy Cosi sandwich.