Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rashmi's Dal Bukhara and Tandoori Roti

Welcome back Rashmi and thanks for bringing me back!! I have no excuse but laziness for being away and slipping back into silent blog hopping.... today when I read your post about Dal bukhara and tandoori roti, I was like I have to definitely try this sometime! I go home, look into the fridge and see my 2 day old atta and go.. well why not now? After checking the recipe I saw that unlike the usual dal makhani recipes, this one didn't need soaking the urad dal overnight.. So here you go.. My version of Dal Bukhara and Tandoori Roti.

I followed your recipe to the T and the result was fantastic! I've made Dal makhani before but it never tasted as good as this! And this was the first time ever I tried my hands at making Tandoori Roti. I was so thrilled when I actually saw the first roti fluff up and get brown, that too without getting burnt ;) !! G. was pretty happy with the result too.. Infact he wouldn't even let me take a picture! he was so impatient to have it... Somehow I managed to get this one before it got gobbled up!

Thanks again Rashmi for the great step-by-step recipe! Let me tell you this is a first for me that I tried out a recipe and even blogged about it the very same day as it was posted!! Well, I had to come back and share my result with you! :)


delhibelle said...

Dear dear Vandy
Great to see you back :) delighted to know that you liked this combo, yours does look delicious!

Priyanka said...

dal bukhara looks delicious